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Reliable, quality and personalized services

Industrial and mining

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Our services fall into three categories: conceptionrepair and maintenance. We offer tailor-made and personalized services according to your needs. Contact us to discuss your needs further, we will be happy to provide you with a quote.



At J. Girard, we offer various conception services. In addition, we offer the installation of electrical and electromechanical systems. According to the purpose of the client and according to his requirements, we design plans and proceed with the electrical installation. 

In summary :

  • Analysis of customer needs

  • Creation of electrical plans

  • Installation of equipment 


To ensure the life of the equipment as much as possible, we also offer repair and maintenance services for industrial and mining systems. We carry out the inspection of the equipment directly on site, and carry out the repair. Our employees have the skills required to read and interpret different electrical plans.

In summary :

  • Equipment inspection

  • Maintenance of industrial and mining systems


We also offer service call service. If a problem occurs with your equipment, even if it does not come from here, you can contact us so one of our employees comes to the site and checks the problem. Our employees are available to travel anywhere in Quebec (on the surface and underground)  and in Ontario. 

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